EUROVISION SONG CONTEST 2010 -  O s l o , N o r w a y

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Meet the Juries


Two juries have been established to assess the Eurovision songs of 2010 - one with an International flavour and one with a UK basis. Some interesting comparisons are expected. Each jury member awards each song a score out of 10 (from 1 to 10 - no zero scores and no abstentions). Maximum 100 points per song from each jury - maximum 200 points overall.

JURY MEMBERS - International Jury


NAME / REPRESENTING & Introduction



Martin Marquez, Andorra

I've been watching the contest ever since I can remember. I have attended 5 since 2002 and I’m a member of OGAE Andorra. For me Eurovision should be all about showcasing the individuality of each participant nation. Clichés, copycats and formulas just don’t do it for me!



Douwe Reveler, Belgium

My love of the Eurovision Song Contest spans more than 30 years and started when I discovered a book that my Mom used to note all of the points allocated on Eurovision night ... Earliest ESC memory is watching the 1978 show and thinking how fantastic it was. Since then I have had the great fortune of being able to attend several national finals as well as 4 actual Eurovision's - 1989, 2004, 2008 and 2009 - (with front row seats in Moscow !!) and Oslo is just around the corner ... the contest has grown and undergone many changes but it's still as much fun as it always was !



Elias Antoniades, Cyprus

I'm a big Eurovision follower since 1981 the year that my country Cyprus has its first participation in the contest. I try to represent my country as a lyrics writer 3 times and my songs past in the Cyprus Final live selections among the 8 songs of each year in 1994, 1995 and 1996.  Two of my songs "Vradya Adiana" from 1994 & "Anteho" 1996 represented Cyprus in OGAE Second Chance.  In 1996 I was a member of the national Cypriot Jury that nominated that year 12 points to Portugal leaving Greece second.



Paul Hutter, Germany

The ESC is simply a unique event which of course knows stronger & weaker contests. The chance of winning, and the honour to represent a whole country always made known and less known singers compete at the ESC. Some became world wide known stars, others simply enjoyed their 3 minutes of fame.



Samuel Freire, Spain

ESC passion started when I was a child, as most of you. My dream came true when I could arrange to go to Athens 2006, Helsinki 2007 and Belgrade 2008. My likes go from Tanja Ribic (Slovenia 1997) to Tajci (Yugoslavia 1990) and from Serebro (Russia 2007) to Patricia Kaas (France 2009).



Pia Lundqvist, Finland

I'm 50 years young and have been a Eurovision fan since 1964 when Italy won. ( My mother told me, that I had said about the Italian entry: That's the winner ! I don't remember it myself ....) Well at work they have give me vacation on the "Eurovision week" cause they are tired listening to me & my Eurovision talk around the clock .



Mark Lamb, Ireland

I have followed the Eurovision contest since the late 1960s and when Dana won for Ireland in 1970 I was smitten. I have picked the winner for the last 3 years and am confident of making that 4.



Roberto Giorgi, Italy

I come from Italy. Management consultant now, I've had a passion for the ESC when I was a little child and my mother used to sing a song to me. Many years later I realized that it was "Puppet On A String", the first British victory. The ESC was an important event for me : you can listen to songs in foreign languages, have fun, and meet people from different countries. A nice experience.



Sascha Stolp, Netherlands

Despite being Dutch, I was raised in South Africa and therefore my first experience of Eurovision was only in 2001 when I moved to London.  I have been hooked on the contest ever since.  Eurovision is normally celebrated with viewing parties (complete with my homemade scorecards) and I was lucky enough to travel up to Athens for the 2006



Axel Neld, Sweden

I am a 15 year old boy who has liked Eurovision Since Charlotte Nilsson won in 1999 with Take me to your heaven and since then I have followed Eurovision every year with excitement. And my favourite Song from Eurovision is Believe. 



  NAME / Introduction  


David Allan (Glasgow)

My earliest Eurovision memory is Lulu bouncing onto stage to share her award. I am drawn towards the underdog. Put differently; I am the kiss of death. My favourite Eurovision song is Yugoslavia-76 for example. Equally whatever I loath does well. I live in Glasgow and am a penniless writer.


Monty Moncrieff (London)

I’ve loved Eurovision since I was a kid, but would class myself as a ‘fan’ since 1991. As an organiser of the Second Cherry fan-based second chance party/contest the national finals time is even more the on-season for me as I’m as interested in what doesn’t qualify as much as what does so we can snatch the cast-offs for our own use!


Dean Asker (Stratford-on-Avon)

My passion for Eurovision really began in the early 80s.  Det' Lige Det is my favourite Eurovision song, and I was delighted when Bobbysocks triumphed.  My favourite ESC countries are, surprise, surprise, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Germany.  The first contest I actually went to was 1995 - I just couldn't believe I was there.  Perhaps my favourite Eurovision memory is being in Dublin in 1997 when the UK won, although the best Eurovisions I've been to also include 1998, 2000, 2003 and 2007. Looking forward to being back in Oslo!


Gary Speirs (Brighton)

A huge fan since age 11, when Abba's win in Brighton hooked me well & truly. I can't seem to shake this annual passion, having now been to around 20 contests, starting in 1988, missing only 91, 98 and 99. Moscow was the best yet, but the UK win in 97 is a high point, as was a spot on the UK Jury in 1986.


Gary Peile (London)

I have listened (yes a long time ago) and watched Eurovision for years. Disturbingly I can remember listening to Teach In and knowing "that's the winner". I love so many old entries it is too embarrassing to recall and have had the joy of having been at finals in the Netherlands, Sweden and this year Norway (oh yes and a UK one). This year I finally get to a final!


David Bridgman (London)

My love affair with Europe's finest song festival began with a chance sighting of Brotherhood of Man in 1976. Maybe the flares swayed me. 1979 was the first full contest I watched and I swore that night that the next time the contest was in Israel, I'd be there. OK it took twenty years but I made it! It was also the last one I went to.


Martin Hasker (Brighton)

I first got into Eurovision watching my idol Angela Ripon hosting the year Marie Miriam won with a most beautiful song. Have thousands of songs and remixes and every year on DVD.


Nico Pittórtou (London)

I've been a Eurovision lover since the age of four. I have been attending the contest itself since 2004 in Istanbul and since then have also become very greatly interested in the various national finals, which in turn lead me to create the Second Cherry Song Contest along with two friends of mine. Now it has become an annual event and is going from strength to strength.


Eddie De Souza (Canterbury)

My first Eurovision memory was aged 4 seeing Bucks Fizz win and from that moment onwards I was hooked. I’ve been to MYMU back in 2005 and am off to Stockholm next month for the Melodifestival final. As a keen composer, I have written a few songs and am just waiting for my big Eurovision break.


Danny Lynch (Glasgow)

I'm a 31 year old massive Eurovision fan from Glasgow, Scotland, my first memory of Eurovision is Sandra's Kim win in 1986 when I was just 7 years old! I started getting really obsessed with ESC in 1992, and I haven't looked back since then!  I first went to Eurovision in Belgrade in 2008, and I am returning for the second time this year. Thanks to Eurovision I now have many wonderful friends all across Europe! It really is like being part of one big happy family...