Eurovision Song Contest 2011 - Düsseldorf


          The SECHUK Jury

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After the success of the SECHUK Jury in 2010, two juries have again been established to assess the Eurovision songs of 2011 - one with an International flavour and one with a UK basis. Some interesting comparisons are again expected. Each jury member awards each song a score out of 10 (from 1 to 10 - no zero scores and no abstentions).

 Maximum is 160 points per song from each jury - maximum 320 points overall.

NB - These comments and scores are the FIRST AND PERSONAL IMPRESSIONS of jury members



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       1 - The International Jury



NAME / REPRESENTING & Introduction



Martin Marquez, Andorra

I've been watching the contest ever since I can remember. I have attended 6 since 2002 and I’m a member of OGAE Andorra. For me Eurovision should be all about showcasing the individuality of each participating nation. I’ve got a soft spot for schlager and Balkan ballads but I’m open to all music styles.



Elias Antoniades, Cyprus

I'm a big Eurovision follower since 1981 the year that my country Cyprus had its first participation in the contest. I try to represent my country as a lyrics writer 3 times and my songs past in the Cyprus Final live selections among the 8 songs of each year in 1994, 1995 and 1996.  Two of my songs "Vradya Adiana" from 1994 & "Anteho" 1996 represented Cyprus in OGAE Second Chance.  In 1996 I was a member of the national Cypriot Jury that nominated 12 points to Portugal leaving Greece 2nd.



Paul Hutter, Germany

The ESC is simply a unique event which of course knows stronger & weaker contests. The chance of winning, and the honour to represent a whole country always made known and less known singers compete at the ESC. Some became world wide known stars, others simply enjoyed their 3 minutes of fame.



Samuel Freire, Spain

ESC passion started when I was a child, as most of you. My dream came true when I could arrange to go to Athens 2006, Helsinki 2007 and Belgrade 2008. My likes go from Tanja Ribic (Slovenia 1997) to Tajci (Yugoslavia 1990) and from Serebro (Russia 2007) to Patricia Kaas (France 2009).



Pia Lundqvist, Finland

I'm 50 years young and have been a Eurovision fan since 1964 when Italy won. ( My mother told me, that I had said about the Italian entry: That's the winner ! I don't remember it myself ....) Well at work they have give me vacation on the "Eurovision week" cause they are tired listening to me & my Eurovision talk around the clock .



Mark Lamb, Ireland

I have followed the Eurovision contest since the late 1960s and when Dana won for Ireland in 1970 I was smitten. I have picked the winner for the last 3 years and am confident of making that 4.



Roberto Giorgi, Italy

I'm a huge Eurovision fan, despite the lack of my country, Italy, in the competition. I grew up with the songs of Sandie Show, Séverine, Vicky Leandros and, of course,  Abba, and ESC 1977 was the first I saw on television. I attended the latest ESC in Oslo. An exciting, deep and involving experience. I just couldn't believe I was there with my friends from all over Europe. I'd like to hear very soon someone saying: "Buonasera Europa: Here are the results from the Italian televoting". What a dream !



Axel Neld, Sweden

My Name is Axel Neld and I am 16 years old. And I am from Sweden. The first time I watched Eurovision was 1999 when Charlotte Nilsson (Perrelli) Won. Since then I have watched Eurovision and Melodifestivalen every year.



Ryan Axisa, Malta

Since I'm only a 15 year old boy, I didn't have the opportunity to watch all ESC's.
The first Eurovision edition which I was first interested in was the 2002's Eurovision edition.
I come from the little island in the Mediterranean called Malta and I remember me being Ira Losco's fan that year :) From then on, I always watched the Eurovision song contest and not only watched... I've became a BIG fan.. My preferred genre varies between Europop to Classic Eurovision Ballads :)


Dmitry Mikhnenka, Belarus

Hey to all Eurovision lovers -)))) My love for Eurovision began when I was 14 years old.
My first memory of Eurovision is Lena Philipsson, and her song "It Hurts" ... By the way, except for Eurovision I like Swedish contest "Melodifestivalen" (cause I like swedish music) ... It's also as
Eurovision! Amazzzing! My passion for singing became even greater when I began to study at
Academy of Music. I can do it! I can sing! -) I want to say "thanks" only to Eurovision, because my success and professional growth associated with these amazing songs! Do you have a dream?
Yeah! My big-big dream....I want to sing on this competition! And I think that very soon I'll be ready for this -). I can not list all my favorite singers ... Carola Haggkvist, Dana International, Elena Paparizou, Charlotte Perrelli .... It's just great! -)

Presents every year! Every year, I can see the amazing artists I listen to amazing music, and I feel good. -)

I am happy to answer your questions and just chat with you! Just email me:
Peace...and love...and music...



Adri Valiente, Spain

I love Eurovision, because it's an amazing contest, where you can know different music from all participating countries, and the most important, the show and magic that it has it.

I started to watch it at the age of 6, when Rosa represented Spain with her amazing ''Europe's Living A Celebration'' and I go on following of course. The best pre-selection that I follow all the years is Melodifestivalen.


Morten Seest, Denmark

At the age of seven I fell in love with Tajci (Yugoslavia 1990) and I danced around to her performance on my recorded video tape over and over again - even my two big brothers started to dance along. Little by little I began watching the rest of the show in Zagreb and I've been hooked on Eurovision ever since. I love the annual pointless patriotism, the arguing over taste in music and especially the excitement of the voting - whether it's my homemade scoreboard or the live voting at ESC. Last but not least Eurovision gives me the opportunity to discover great songs from all over Europe; my favourite songs differs from Chce Znac Swoj Grzech (Poland 1996) to For Real (Turkey 2004) to Frauen Regier'n Die Welt (Germany 2007). Nowadays I celebrate Eurovision with my brothers and a bunch of friends - we're heading for Düsseldorf 2010.


Roy Van Der Merve, South Africa

As a child I grew up without Eurovision as South Africa firstly did not have TV - we got that only in 1976. And of course it was not broadcast here. In the 70's as a child I did hear some euro songs, usually the winners and those in English that made our charts, like CONGRATULATIONS, PUPPET ON A STRING, WATERLOO, COME WHAT MAY, BEG STEAL OR BORROW, SAVE YOUR KISSES FOR ME etc. Vicky Leandros was very popular here and toured here and so  COME WHAT MAY went to number one. South Africa was also after SWEDEN the second country to know of ABBA and in fact they had 4 number one hit here prior to winning  EUROVISION with WATERLOO.


I was invited to attend  EUROVISION in MUNICH so my first time at EUROVISION and in the audience. Since 1993 I have never missed a EUROVISION and since 1995 in Dublin, I have had P accreditation and so I have also attended the run-up to EUROVISION.


My taste is  quite different from most but that is what makes EUROVISION so special, the fact that there is always something for everybody, no matter what your taste.


I am also very active in the music business in SOUTH AFRICA getting SOUTH AFRICAN singers to cover EURO songs and almost 200 such songs have now been covered directly because of me.

Roy on the right


Daniel González Castellano, Spain

My passion for ESC started since I was I child. I get nervous each year that Eurovision is near. I feel really nervous that night. I follow the whole process, since each country chooses their entry, through the magical evening end. I'm able to hear every day, each moment, the songs of Eurovision.
My favourite song of Eurovision is Europe’s Living a Celebration of 2002, the entry of Spain was a boom here, everybody sung this song. Also I love Helena Paparizou and her Number One, Ani Lorak, Sirusho or Kalomoira. I always hope that my country, Spain, get higher in the Scoreboard, I think it’s necessary to make an explosive song that make Europe shine and move. And this is the reason I think this type of song are very successful in Europe. I don't forget ballads also, I love a good ballad, and I vibro with them. I will never let ESC go, because this contest makes me feel happy.


Jose Mora, Mexico

I've been watching the contest since 2005, but I'm a collector of the nicest songs since 50's. I have had the pleasure to attend live shows of my 2 favourite Eurovision superstars: Patricia Kaas and Anna Vissi. Someday I hope I can attend the other of my favourite divas: Charlotte Perrelli. Here in Mexico we can see the show life due to the Television Española (TVE) signal and that is the big event I cannot miss never. Greetings from Guadalajara!

 (Jose pictured with Yuri - Mexican star from the 80s)


Samantha Ross, USA

Living in the United States, I didn't have the luxury of growing up with Eurovision, as it's not shown on any channel here (yet!).  However, when I started attending university I learned more and more about the ESC and quickly became an addict!  Last year, I started my own blog (mostly to keep myself from talking my family's ears off about it) and I'm thrilled to see so many people from around the world reading the ESC Insider (  I'll be making my first trip to Eurovision this year, and I couldn't be more excited!  My favorite ESC entries are "Deli", "Rändajad", "Strazdas", and "Pokusaj", and I've got a soft spot in my heart for "Eläköön elämä".  See you all in Düsseldorf!

2 - The United Kingdom Jury

  NAME / Introduction  


David Allan (Glasgow)

My earliest Eurovision memory is Lulu bouncing onto stage to share her award. I am drawn towards the underdog. Put differently; I am the kiss of death. My favourite Eurovision song is Yugoslavia-76 for example. Equally whatever I loath does well. I live in Glasgow and am a penniless writer.


Monty Moncrieff (London)

I’ve loved Eurovision since I was a kid, but would class myself as a ‘fan’ since 1991. As an organiser of the Second Cherry fan-based second chance party/contest the national finals time is even more the on-season for me as I’m as interested in what doesn’t qualify as much as what does so we can snatch the cast-offs for our own use!


Dean Asker (Stratford-on-Avon)

My first memory of Eurovision was when, at the age of 6, I fell asleep before I knew if Rock Bottom has won the 1977 Contest.  Of course it didn’t and I was very disappointed about the UK’s second place the next day.  My passion was truly cemented in the 1980s, and when Bobbysocks won I was delighted.  The first time I saw the Contest live was in 1995, and I’ve been to 15 contests in total. Highlights include the UK win in 1997, and everything about 2003, 2007 and 2010.  My favourite Eurovision entry is Det’Lige’Det (Denmark 1984), although Is It True (Iceland 2009) runs it a close second. 


Gary Speirs (Brighton)

Long time fan, or long time illness? Well, if its illness, I have been sick since 1974... Abba's win in Brighton hooked me in and I'm still loving the whole build-up and event. Have made many great friends through Eurovision travels and this makes the annual gathering a very special time. I have had some great fun with the contest, attending over 20 and being a member of the UK Jury for Bergen 86. I love the fact that Eurovision has taken me to places I may never otherwise have visited, like Riga, Tallinn, Kyiv and Moscow! Oh, and not forgetting Millstreet!


Gary Peile (London)

I have been a fan, well lets just say for longer than I care to remember, having listened to the great event on the radio as the rest of the family refused to watch! I finally managed to get to the Final last year and what a wonderful event it was. Really looking forward to Germany 2011 who I am sure will do a great job.


David Bridgman (London)

My love affair with Europe's finest song festival began with a chance sighting of Brotherhood of Man in 1976. Maybe the flares swayed me. 1979 was the first full contest I watched and I swore that night that the next time the contest was in Israel, I'd be there. OK it took twenty years but I made it! It was also the last one I went to.


Martin Hasker (Brighton)

I am an avid Eurovision fan and first got into this because of a radio show I picked up at about the age of 7 or 8 called 'Pop over Europe' which had one entry from each nation and voted for by all the others. I still have many many yeas of this on tape and must get them saved to CD some time soon. My first memory of watching and recording the ESC was when Marie Miriam won for France all those years ago. I was at home alone as my dad was with my mum who had been rushed in hospital that day and was not expected to live the night and I was considered too young to be there. I now have all the videos of all years and thousands of songs on MP3 etc and still would not miss a minute of it. so pleased to have married my partner this year who is more than happy to go along with my obsession. well I let him collect his china so fair is fair.


Nico Pittórtou (London)

I've been a Eurovision lover since the age of four. I have been attending the contest itself since 2004 in Istanbul and since then have also become very greatly interested in the various national finals, which in turn lead me to create the Second Cherry Song Contest along with two friends of mine. Now it has become an annual event and is going from strength to strength.


Eddie De Souza (Brighton)

My first Eurovision memory was aged 4 seeing Bucks Fizz win and from that moment onwards I was hooked. I’ve been to MYMU back in 2005 and am off to Stockholm and Oslo in 2011 for the MF/MGP national finals. As a keen composer, I have written a few songs and am just waiting for my big Eurovision break.


Danny Lynch (Glasgow)

My first memory of Eurovision is Sandra's Kim win in 1986 when I was just 7 years old! I started getting really obsessed with ESC in 1992, and I haven't looked back since then!  I first went to Eurovision in Belgrade in 2008, and returned for more fun in Oslo this year. I'm already looking forward to Düsseldorf in May! I also follow National Finals and have been to Norway's Melodi Grand Prix once, and Melodifestivalen in Sweden five times!



Andrew Brook (London)

Like everyone, when I was growing up I thought I was the only one who had a secret obsession with Eurovision. There are two golden periods for me - 1972 to 1982, and 1997 to 2004. I started writing songs for fun when I was five - my first song was called Ding A Ding Ding Dong, which predated the 1975 winner by five years! However, I didn't follow my passion for music as a living, something I have often regretted, and I let the song writing slip. Sitting in the auditorium in Istanbul as Ruslana belted out her reprise I promised myself that I wouldn't go to another contest until I had entered a song myself. Since then I have entered every year, so far without success, Keep your fingers crossed for me this year, with a song entered for Spain with lyrics in English & Catalan.


Douwe Reveler, Belgium (Originally Cottingham)

My love of the Eurovision Song Contest spans more than 30 years and started when I discovered a book that my Mom used to note all of the points allocated on Eurovision night ... My earliest ESC memory is watching the 1978 show and thinking how fantastic it was. Since then I have had the great fortune of being able to attend several national finals as well as 5 actual Eurovision's - 1989, 2004, 2008, 2009 and 2010 - (with front row seats in Moscow !!) and Düsseldorf is just around the corner ... The contest has grown and undergone many changes but it's still as much fun as it always was !


Tom Kay (South London)

I've been a fan of Eurovision since I was 8. Being brought up in a very middle class household, I travelled round Europe and ate food and watched films from around the world - but Eurovision was always considered too lowbrow, so my viewing felt like an act of youthful rebellion. Watching the contest was always a solitary thing for me growing up, but in the 90s I started to make friends with fellow fans of the contest, and have finally started attending parties and events for fans of the contest, and I went to my first national final this year (2010). My favourite entry changes from day to day, but right now it's Italy 1984 - the year of my birth - I Treni Di Tozeur by Alice & Franco Battiato.


David Graaff (London)

I was introduced to Eurovision shortly after I arrived in the UK in 1974 by someone who was mad about some Swedish group no-one had ever heard of. I followed it through the 70’s, had a lull in the 80’s and started again in the 90’s and have been lucky enough to go to almost every contest since Birmingham.


Brian Gilbert (Hertfordshire)

I have been a fan of Eurovision since Sandie Shaw so I suppose that makes me an ancient follower. I started to collect the record releases in the early 70's which added to the fun, I can remember when the old HMV in Oxford Street actually had a Eurovision singles section. The 70s would probably be my favourite Euro decade as the contest was so massive in the UK at that time and even the Songs for Europe and the preview shows were big TV events. I was lucky enough to go to Eurovision throughout the 90s and loved every minute of every one (don't think I could cope with it now) but enjoy it just as much at home now.


Andrew Cross (Stevenage)

I've always loved other languages and have been watching the contest since as far back as I remember but it was 'Amsterdam' and 'Fantasiaa' in the early 80's that really got me hooked. With no internet/satellite tv it was a case of writing to the national TV stations to get the singles and relying on friends and family to send video tapes of the national finals. As for the contest itself, it was the one night the whole of Europe was 'together' in spirit. I used to have synchronised video recording in 3 different parts of the UK just in case of power failure!  Finally got to my first contest in 1996 in Oslo and hope to be in Düsseldorf this year.