Belarus - SOLAYOH

With thanks to Douwe Reveler for this interview



We caught up with this years Belarussian contestant in the Eurovision Song Contest, Alyona Lanskaya during her recent visit to Amsterdam as part of her promotional tour. We spoke to her about the meaning behind 'Solayoh', the beauty of Belarus and what makes her happy.

Alyona, first of all welcome to Amsterdam . I hope that you are having a good time ? Is this the first time ?

Thank you very much for your warm words. Yes, this is the first time in Amsterdam .

You won the Belarussian preselection with a different song ('Rhythm of love') and now you have a song which a lot of people are finding a lot stronger. What was the reason behind the change ?

First of all what about the different points of view. Like this song or who doesn't like, it is very good because we appreciate every point of view. When Marc Paelinck, the author of this song knew that I took part in this years contest, he suggested to me, sent me just a couple of songs and all these songs were very strong and 'Rhythm of love' also and that is why the executive meeting, musical producers and they voted and choose the 'Solayoh'.

The song, what is the meaning of 'Solayoh' ?

The song 'Solayoh' is about one of the planets of the Solar System where all the people are happy and they live without negative emotions and all is wonder with love.

What makes you happy in life ?

Well I am happy when I am with my family, with my sister and with my niece. I love them very much and I am happy when I bring them presents and when I see the happy eyes of my niece and also I am happy when I see the happy faces and happy eyes of my family. I am also happy when I see that in my flat there are a lot of flowers because I like to grow flowers in my old country house. Also I am happy when I feel the support of my big fans because I live and I sing for all these people.

So whilst you are in the Netherlands you could have some tulips, maybe ? The typical Dutch flowers.

So first of all I visited the Dam Square , and then all these shops in the streets and bought a cap for me and also tulips for my sister Alex.

Have you had contact with other Belarussian entrants from the Eurovision who have maybe given you some tips ?

I really appreciate experience of any person who can give me good advice, that is why of course I keep in touch with everyone.

Have you heard the other songs that are competing this year and do you have a favourite ?

I like a lot of songs and first of all I would like to underline that all people, all singers who take part in Eurovision they are great professionals. I like a lot countries, Greece , Ukraine , Russia , Azerbaijan and I wish all them success.

You live in Minsk ? Can you tell us something about Minsk and what makes Belarus so special ?

Well, Belarus is a country where I was born. We have a lot of good people, very kind and clean streets. Very safe and everyone feels like at home in our country. I can still say a lot of good words about Belarus, even I can spend 2 or 3 hours a day, a lot of lakes, a lot of rivers, cool nature and it is better for you to come and to see all this with your own eyes and we have a lot of places where you can and that is why I invite you to visit Belarus .

What are your expectations for the contest ? What do you hope for ? Obviously the final but then afterwards ?

First of all I would like to say you can never predict in Eurovision and that is why I rely on my experience, on my fans, on the hard work I do every day and I think I can reach the best result and I believe in success.

Then let us wish you success as well and we will see each other in Malmö and I think in Belgium as well !

Great ! Thank you !