INTRODUCING... Who See feat. Nina Žižić  


With thanks to Sabrija Vulic, Head of Press, Montenegro ESC Team

Photos Credit - R. Bozovic

Who See feat. Nina Žižić

Who See, also known as Who See Klapa, is a Montenegrin hip-hop duo from the Bay of Kotor. The band members are Dedduh (Dejan Dedović), from Kotor, and Noyz (Mario Đorđević), from Herceg Novi. The group was created in early 2000s, recording their first demo track titled "Dim po dim" ("Puff after puff"). In 2007,  group released their debut album, „Sviranje kupcu“. After 2 years of preparation and recording, the band released their second album "Krš i Drača" in 2012.

Who See Single "Regeton Montenegro" conquered the charts in the Adriatic region and spent 5 weeks at no. 1 of the MTV regional Top 20 chart. This hip-hop duo is known for their humour and funny videos, and they are making history as the first band from Montenegro ever to be nominated for a MTV EMA !

Who See this year won one more prize:  MTV Video Play Awards 2012  -Double Platinum. Their song Regeton Montenegro in 2012 were aired over 800 times on the popular music channel.

Who See won the Oscar as the most popular local group in Montenegro in the past year.

Otherwise, Deduh is married and works as a salesman in a toy store while Noyz has his own studio in which successfully creates and develops film and video works. It packs an official CD / DVD to the Eurovision song  „Igranka“  was made by  ​​Noyz.

RTCG announced in December 2012 that Who See will represent Montenegro in the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 held in Malmö.

This along with singer Nina Žižić.

Nina her musical career began  2003. The First single was “Odlazi” (2003),and after this she recorded 6 more singles . She has participated in many music festivals in the region and won few prizes. Nina is one of the best female vocalists in the region and because of that she  is selected by the RTCG to sings along with the Who See.

Nina Žižić has already once been in combinations to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest. 2006 years has participated in Montenegro's choice for Eurovision Song Contest with the song Potraži me.

In September 2012. Nina participate in the big concert organized by Turkish Radio Television called SYMPHONY OF FRIENDSHIP, held in Sarajevo, where she was presenting MONTENEGRO occurred despite numerous influential singers in the Balkans.

A month later she was guest of the Turkish national television in Ankara.

Who See feat Nina Žižić will represent Montenegro in the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö with the song Igranka. At issue is a classic hip-hop song painted with beautiful vocals of  Nina Žižić. Who See with  this song stayed true to its audience and the musical direction that they nurture. Igranka is an upbeat positive song that talks about the joy of life, the enthusiasm of youth, happiness and satisfaction in having fun and dancing.