MEET Anti Social Media, representing DENMARK would like to thank Anti Social Media and Maria Futtrup at DR for this interview and photographs (Interview by Douwe Reveler)

Published on by Gary Speirs




* Anti Social Media, many congratulations on winning a very close and exciting Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2015. How are you and what have you been doing since then?

We are still very excited about our victory even though it feels like it's long time ago. We have been busy doing many interview and playing concerts but also in these days being in the studio writing and recording new songs we will release in very near future - we planning to finish our next single called ‘More Than a Friend’ just before our departure to Vienna. Look forward to hear that!

* Can you introduce and describe yourselves in one word and tell us how you came together?


Phillip; front singer, David; bass player, Nikolaj; guitarist, Emil; drummer.

We knew each other from the small underground music scene in Copenhagen but hadn't played together before. Phillip was asked to do a take on ‘The Way You Are’ by the songwriters and together they decided to create a band and called up the other of us. We got together and jamed and our individually musicality just fitted so much together that we just needed to become a band - that’s how it all started...

* Who are your main musical influences ? Do any of you have a musical education? 

David are studying at the Conservatory in Copenhagen (RMC) - the other are teached by the real life in the music business.

We have strong influences from the British music scene. Some of our biggest idols are bands like the Beatles, Led Zeppelin but also some younger artists such as Oasis, Blur - we try to relate our music to britpop and rock. We hope that the British audience will find it easy to relate to our song because of its close relation to one of the biggest eras in music history that those British bands are creators of.
* You won the DMGP 2015 in February. Of the other competing songs which one did you see as the biggest threat and why?

The song called Suitcase by Anne Gadegaard had a extremely catchy sound and chorus. She is a very beautiful and talented vocalist and had already before the very start of the competition many followers on social media. She was the favorite of the audience and the reason of that is obvious because of her charisma and musical gifts.

* Anne Gadegaard and 'Suitcase' had slightly more points from the public whilst you won the jury vote. Can you tell us how you were feeling when the votes were being announced?

We were nervous - it was hard to follow the vote announcements from where we stood. So when the actual result of the voting appeared on the screen we didn’t know whether we won or lost. But then our name switched to number 1 and we knew, we started to celebrate.

* Did you expect to win?


No, not really. Well, there was a lot of talk in the media about our opportunities and we got pretty low odds on all betting sites. But the run was so close so we only wished for the best - and luckily we could take the trophy home.
* Can you tell us about the name of the band Anti Social Media? Who came up with it, what is the thought behind it and are you Anti Social Media?


One day we all sat in our rehearsing room in Copenhagen and discussed the band name. Like mostly any other we sat everyone starring at our phones and then Phillip suggested - “why not Social Media?” - because we all was absent while looking at our phones. Then David said, “Well rather Anti Social Media. What we are doing here are more anti social then social.” Our name tries to capture that little thing when two friends at talking together on a cafe, drinking their coffee and all that. And then at some point the two friends pick up their phones and start being anti social together. Even though they are checking facebook and are trying to be social in another way. 


WE LOVE SOCIAL MEDIA - but we think it sometimes takes too much control over us. Let’s be more present together when we have the possibility to be it and then do all the social media stuff when you are alone and relaxing with yourself.



Anti Social Media, every success with your preparations for Vienna and thank you very much for taking the time to speak with us!