60 SECONDS WITH.... Laura from Belgium

 With thanks to.... Robin De Veen!


 Laura picks Loreen and hopes to see you in Stockholm.... 






What did you want to be 'when you were older'?


Hmm, I’ve actually always been singing, acting and dancing because my parents were musical artists, attached to the Royal Ballet of Flanders’ musical department. I have grown up with music and I always knew that this was the direction I wanted to go in.


Do you have any non musical hobbies?


I’m a very energetic person, and I love to dance.


What could you not live without?




What is your favourite quote or motto?


Everything happens for a reason.


Who is your musical hero?


I have several artists that I look up to: Stevie Wonder, Bruno Mars, Michael Jackson and Beyoncé.


Do you play any instruments?


No I don’t.


How do you protect your voice?


I don’t have any very special rituals of things to protect my voice, just the normal things: rest when I feel like my voice needs it, don’t overuse it or do things to damage it…


Do you have any rituals before going on stage?


I keep a special rock with me for good luck, and I will try and get active right before I go on stage, to already get the energy pumping so I can bring a great add energetic performance.


What is your all-time favourite song (any genre)?


I love any song by Bruno Mars or Michael Jackson, so all those are good )


Do you have a favourite Eurovision song from any year?


Euphoria by Loreen. That was such a good song and an amazing act.


Which of the 2016 Eurovision songs do you like?


I haven’t listened to many songs yet, because I want to be surprised when I’m in Stockholm and see the song together with the act on stage, to get the full “wow” effect ;)


Will the presentation of your song be different to what we have already seen?


Yes, there will be a different choreography and different clothes, but it will be in the same line as it was in our Belgian preselection.


What does performing to millions of people at Eurovision mean to you?

It’s an amazing honour to get this chance. It’s overwhelming to think about it, but I am so so glad to be able to do this and represent my country.


Is there any country that you would especially love to hear ‘DOUZE POINTS’ from?

I would be thrilled of I get 12 points from someone, but for me it doesn’t matter from who it is: it’s just already great that they loved my performance so much.


Any message for our readers, please?


Hi everyone, thank you very much for reading this! I hope that you will like my performance in Stockholm , and maybe I will see some of you there!


      Good Luck Laura!