60 SECONDS WITH.... Ivan from Belarus

 With thanks to.... Dmitry Vorontsov!


 Ivan is straight to the point - you'll get through this in less than 60 seconds, we are sure.... 






What did you want to be 'when you were older'?


 Be a great musician


Do you have any non musical hobbies?


 Draw pictures


What could you not live without?


 Without air ))


What is your favourite quote or motto?


 All for love


Who is your musical hero?


 Elvis Presley


Do you play any instruments?


 Guitar, Piano


How do you protect your voice?


 Scarf )


Do you have any rituals before going on stage?




What is your all-time favourite song (any genre)?


 Heartbreak hotel - Elvis


Do you have a favourite Eurovision song from any year?


 Manga - we are the same (I guess)


Which of the 2016 Eurovision songs do you like?


 Barei (Say Hey) and Tessoro (What's The Pressure), Minus One Band. But you know, in all of the songs of every participant have something cool


Will the presentation of your song be different to what we have already seen?


 Of course! Its gonna be something real cool!


What does performing to millions of people at Eurovision mean to you?

 Its an amazing experience


Is there any country that you would especially love to hear ‘DOUZE POINTS’ from?

 From Sweden ) But come on! From all!!))


Any message for our readers, please?


Thanks to everyone who read this to the end)) And also be happy and love music! Yeah!) 


      Good Luck Ivan!