60 SECONDS WITH.... Rykka from Switzerland

 With thanks to.... MarŪa Colůn!


 Rykka likes to sew and keep busy...  






What did you want to be 'when you were older'?


I wanted to be a singer.


Do you have any non musical hobbies?


I love to make my own stage outfits, I just got a new sewing machine Iím so excited about.


What could you not live without?


Something to do. Being busy.


What is your favourite quote or motto?


The best way to honour the dead is to live life to the fullest.


Who is your musical hero?


Elise LeGrow and Fleetwood Mac


Do you play any instruments?


Yes I play guitar and I write songs with keyboard mostly right now. I started playing guitar and performing 15 years ago.


How do you protect your voice?


Iím very sensitive and listen to how my body feels. The best thing for the voice is a lot of sleep.


Do you have any rituals before going on stage?


Usually before I get onstage Iím very calm. Sometimes people donít understand why Iím so relaxed and chill, but Iím just conserving all of my energy to explode onstage. I like to focus my energy before I go onstage. 


What is your all-time favourite song (any genre)?


Pagan Stars by Timothy Jaromir


Do you have a favourite Eurovision song from any year?


(no reply)


Which of the 2016 Eurovision songs do you like?


(no reply)


Will the presentation of your song be different to what we have already seen?


Yes! Itís different than the one in Kreuzlingen. Of course there will be surprises! Iím working on a dress with LYN Lingerie, it will be a collaboration. LYN x RYKKA!


What does performing to millions of people at Eurovision mean to you?

It means a lot to me because Eurovision connects so many great people. Itís so amazing to meet so many amazing people who are connected to Eurovision in some way. Also, Iím so proud to represent Switzerland because itís really in my heritage and I love it here so much.


Is there any country that you would especially love to hear ĎDOUZE POINTSí from?

(no reply)


Any message for our readers, please?


I want to thank everyone for their amazing support! Itís such a dream to share this crazy experience with all of you. Sending love out to everyone!


      Good Luck Rykka!