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 182/320 (56.9%)









This song has a very exciting build-up! Both the melody and her voice are unique and distinctive. I'm excited to hear the adjustments- I predict it will sound a little like Evanescence. Scored 7.

UPDATE = The remake completely fell flat. Albania took away the drama this song had and really did not work on emphasizing the strengths the original song had. With a tough semifinal, I really can't see this going through. 





I like this singer and song its not bad at all. My only problem is that is not special and it has no originality. Still its pretty likable but I don't think this song will be a hit in Europe . It will be a borderline qualifier it will depend on the construction of the image around the song.




Albania satisfied me, just two problems identified: The very shrill voice of the singer and the orchestration that needs modernisation. I personally think that if so the country will continue progressing (not always) to taking a final position around 15th place.




Good powerful ballad, but there is nothing special in the song. It's Albania so most likely they will improve it and translate in English. In my opinion, more folk elements in music would work it for me. Let's wait till spring for the final judgment. Scored 7.5.

UPDATE - I like new arrangement. Even though I'm more rock music lover, but retro-pop sound seems more organic for this song. Well done, Albania , but I'm not sure it will help to place higher in Stockhom. 




'PŽrrallŽ' is a powerful, dramatic and gripping piece of music. Eneda's vocal is truly superb and unique. This has class and quality stamped all over it and therefore deserving of a place in the final. It looks like it will be sung in English in May and hopefully when the translated and shortened version is released, it retains all of the previously mentioned ingredients. Scored 8.

UPDATE - The chorus of 'PŽrrallŽ' is so dramatic and passionate but unfortunately this is sorely lacking in the English version 'Fairytale'. It almost takes off but doesn't quite reach the runway. This is very pretty but has very little of the raw beauty it originally had. Stunning video clip but have they translated themselves out of a place in the final ?





he song is powerful and the singerís voice is very strong. Very eastern Europe . Unfortunately it gets boring very quickly and it is just another one of the eastern Europe power-songs  and it will be soon forgotten.




This song has moments where it is almost audible but it really doesnít go anywhere. There are Bond-esc hints (see what I did there) but overall it is just repetitive and very tedious. I think that after a few more listens I may start enjoying it though.




I like so much the wide variety of tones on the voice of Eneda. The lyrics are nice (and will get more appreciation if they are translated), I'm sure Albania will do something to improve this song. Scored 6.5.

UPDATE - I survived to a 44 seconds very boring begining, and Eneda with her voice rescued a very nice entry. I still love how easy she can play with her voice.



Mark L

Listening to this song can best be described as 'painful'. I can't believe it was only 3 minutes long. I felt like it went on for hours!                 




Well the selection season is open and Albania had so much promise in giving us a great track during their FiK over the Xmas season. Sadly this is seriously under whelming. I feel like I'm listening to two different songs - The first is very "Sade" and the second some soft rock, with a lot of unwarranted screaming. I'm still miffed Enxhi isn't going to Stockholm . Scored 4.

UPDATE - The chorus and re-work simply do nothing for me. A very poor hook, I'd be surprised if this qualified.




Very good choice Albania ! I like the song and she is a very good singer. The vocals and the melody are good, but I think that Eneda is a bit too screechy.  With some changes, could turn out fine. I hope it will be sung in Albanian and not being translated in bad English which would drag down the song. Scored 5.

UPDATE - New Score



Paul C

Not a bad song at all, Eneda has a nice voice and I'm sure the final version of the song will be even better. Having said, too early stage to say if it'll qualify for the final. Scored 7.

UPDATE - Well I really wished they'd keep it in Albanian even though I had little hope. I much preferred the Albanian version, the musical arrangement was better. Might struggle to qualify for the final.




A good start for ESC 2016! I canít say that I liked the "melody" so much , but the VOICE was strong and I just love the "live" orchestra. So , Albania , 7 points from me




"Fairytale" is the Albanian entry for 2016. Interesting sounds, quite refined and musically elaborate, but very retro and maybe a bit difficult to be fond of; it reminds some old Sanremo's moods. We have to wait the inevitable, predictable English version. The typical passionate (but sultry) Albanian atmospheres.




I am not blown away by this song, but then Albania has never been in my top 10 so I had no high hopes. It is not a horror but I find very little to like in it. It wonít make the finals.





Oooh, a nice bit of drama from Albania ! They seem to have cornered the market on big-voiced divas, haven't they? It's hard to gauge this entry before its inevitable revamp/translation, but at this stage of the game, I get swept up in the arrangement and Eneda's powerful voice. Nice! 









Andrew C

Festivali i KŽngŽs is always a good start to selection season, like the ESC before it became just another 'X Voice Factor' formula event. Hope Albania don't rewrite or replace this year as I love the power and backing. It isn't a winner but will appeal to certain tastes so should see Albania in the final again.



Andrew G


I think itís one of those songs if I heard it a few times Iíd start liking it and start humming to it, so it was not an instant hit to me, I like the fact that she sings in her native language and hope they stick with that. The stage performance is a bit over the top for the song (bit of a drama!), I donít think its as powerful as she performs it, and itís a type of song I would expect from Albania , no surprises this year, as they all sound the same every year. Scored 4.

UPDATE - new version is slightly better but not much though - i will give it 6 points, it`s better in English even though i hate myself for saying that.




This isn't bad but I can't really make a judgment until we get the final version as it's likely to change. However based on this version, Eneda is a great performer and this is a strong song. 





Iím sure this will go through a revamp, but the NF version is actually pretty good. Eneda has a fantastic voice and the melody is very interesting. I think they need to ramp up the drama with this song but I think this could qualify. Great start!



David B

Always hard to judge the initial version of any Albanian entry given the usual transformation into English. The 2016 entry is a little angst-ridden and plodding, seemingly ticking the 'qualifier' box but in no way is it a winner. It's all a tad dull to be honest! Scored 6.

UPDATE - This was better in Albanian and in true RTSH style, the English version seems to weaken the whole song. As with many entries this year, a sterling vocal performance may just lift this out of the ordinary. Another Euro-plodder though



David E

Ooh!  This gets us off to a good start for 2016!  Classy song.  Nice ethnicity coupled with a Bond-esque chorus.  Hope this doesnít change much before May. Scored 7.5.

UPDATE - I LOVED the original of this and was expecting wondrous things from the revamp. Bum! Well that went tits-up, didnít it? Itís like they took the original version and attached it to an industrial strength Dyson to suck all the life out of it. Itís now insipid at best - and Iím seriously peeved!




It's always very hard to judge the Albanian entry before it gets transformed into its final 3 min version. This has promise, and, don't shoot me, I think would sound better in English.  Looking forward to hearing the version that appears in Stockholm




Takes a while to get going but then it does become something good. Has hints of Latvia15 for me. Will wait for English version but lot depends on staging.




A mild James Bond feel, but itís a shame that she looks so pained. I guess its all about the angst, but it leaves me a little cool. The annual make-over could turn this into a Cťline style belter, but I'm not feeling it yet. I'd suggest moving away from the jury-only selection and maybe bring back Juliana Pasha. Scored 4.5.

UPDATE Ė Iíve been looking forward to the anglo-revamp, as the original didnít quite hit the mark for me. While I expected more power to it, I like this a lot Ė the chorus is more distinctive and I hope it makes it stand out amongst the many sound-a-like songs this year.




This is as good as one has come to expect from Albania .  Great vocal and a very strong song indeed, and hopefully they won't change it too much. This has set the bar rather high....



Mark M


Bit more polished that we are used to from Albania at this stage so I hope they don't change it too much. Pleasant enough - nothing ground breaking - not a winner.





This year's 'Eurovision Bond Theme'? A strong start to this season, Eneda gives a powerful vocal and passionate performance, fully utilising her backing singers with the unexpected 'oh-oh' accompaniment. Dressed to impress, she has the stage presence too to keep this 'fairytale' fresh in the minds of the viewer. Scored 8.

UPDATE - Swapping from Albanian to English, along with losing forty-five seconds off the FiK version, will likely lead to yet another non-qualification.  What was a powerful and passionate emotional roller-coaster with lots of interesting nuances has lost it all to become a repetitive low-key ballad that no longer holds my attention.




A pretty lady with, sadly, a voice that doesn't match!  She sounds strained and harsh and very uncomfortable with the song... to quote Terry Wogan "someone get the boiling water"!  It was quite an effort to listen to the end of this 'shouty' noise of a song. Fairytale or nightmare?




I like this song well enough, but tough to judge before the remake. Lots of potential though. Scored 6.5.

UPDATE - I like this song well enough , but tough to judge before the remake. Lots of potential though. UPDATE: This has lost all its soul and passion in English. Definite non qualifier now.




If they keep this song - and there's nearly six months for them to run the musical gauntlet! - then we can expect more of the same from Albania's recent track record, as in, qualification, followed by a mid-table finish.  Tuneless and unremarkable angst-ridden screeching. Scored 3.

UPDATE - The usual over-cooked angst-ridden ballad for Albania again this year.  Songs like this bore me senseless but always manage to find a place in the final.




I do like the song and it's growing on me considerably. Having watched both semi-finals and the final of the FiK, I had it in fifth place (I would have preferred Nilsi Hyisi or Flaja Kreslani, personally), but this song has a great build-up and could even pass as a Bond theme. Well done, and a good start to Eurovision 2016. Scored 7.

UPDATE - Yet again, Albania succeed in turning a good tune into an amazing one. This is one of my favourites now, well done!