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 131/320 (41%)









HAHAHAHA... oh my gosh this can't be serious. I think San Marino just trolled us all to be honest. 




This is the contender for the last place for sure. It  is even much worst than last year. This is not a song and this is not real singer. This is a weird male buffalo with a really bad bad song. Again nothing to like about it. It will crash and burn.




San Marino is a small country in the centre of the Italy, which has eluded Italian musical traditions and sends songs inspired both from Italian and the international music scene. This year a Turkish performer in collaboration with a Greek lyricist also successful and experienced in the contest, it is for sure that they will manage to make a surprise in the most authentic ballad of this year's Eurovision Song Contest. Very good...

UPDATE - Even I prefer the origional version, I still believe that it is a nice song. (no score change)




Old-fashioned and not my style at all. Besides I don’t like his accent, it distracts me from the song itself. Scored 4.5

UPDATE - Disco version is slightly better and can be a good soundtrack for "Eurovision only" party! At some point, it's very typical San Marino entry. 




A truly multinational team is behind this entry. The singer and composer are Turkish, the lyricist is Greek (both with ESC experience) and the arranger is French  The lyrics talk about flourishing love and there are echoes of Serge Gainsbourg and Leonard Cohen here. It is pleasant and relaxing but Serhat's pronunciation needs a lot of work before May. In 6 previous attempts San Marino has reached the final only once and I don't have terribly high hopes for them in 2016 either. Scored 3.5

UPDATE - San Marino  changes to the disco version of 'I Didn't Know' following popular reactions on Youtube and social media. I am unsure as on one hand, the original version was a simple, sweet little entry with hints of Italian class. Then again, this is more akin to the genre/style expected from Serhat. I like the fun and uplifting disco version but I fear neither the original nor this will reach the final this year.




I don't think this entry was suposed to be funny, but it is still a bit funny. The singers voice sounds like a parody on sexy and the disco version of this song is like a 70's disco tango and it all makes me so happy!




Well done San Marino - yes I know that it is not a crowd pleaser and that many Eurovision fans do NOT like this. I do though. I like the melody, the song has character and they are clearly not pandering to the pop-ish Mans approach. Well done San Marino for being brave and original 




For me it's a fine, delicate piece of art, handmade ... for new generations surely they will say it's dated and boring. Wow Serhat is a nice performer and the song is a touch to heart. Something in its favour is the Turkish singer that can carry some extra votes from unusual countries.



Mark L

Is this a joke? There is no way on earth that this song is going to get any votes. It is just awful!




The song isn't that bad - certainly not the worst this year. But the video clip is pretty dire. That being said if he wears the monocle in Stockholm I'm totally voting for it. Scored 4.

UPDATE - his has turned into something that wouldn't sound out of place on a cruise ship. I preferred the original to be honest...




Sorry San Marino, but I really hope this is a joke and the real song will follow in the next days. If this is really the song for Stockholm, it´s a very bad joke, San Marino will have no chance to reach the final. If they would reach the final, it would be just because of the Turkish diaspora. Scored 2.

UPDATE – Increase score to 4 .



Paul C

Don't really what to say about this one really apart from 'I hate it'. It's boring, depressing, I hate Serhat's voice and he really shouldn't sing in English - it sounds so bad. That goes right at the bottom for this year's Eurovision and probably the past 2 decades' Eurovisions too.




Good singer, beautiful ballad, fine melody. Scored 8.

UPDATE - OMG back to the seventies, and I just love it ! 10 points !!! YEY 




Something different from the Rock. Different but really refined and classy. A particular love song with a great, stunning atmosphere. Not an "easy" entry, maybe you have to listen to it many times before liking it, but this is not a problem. Serhat has a very distinctive voice and the lyrics are written with a great pathos. Different but great. Scored 9.

UPDATE - Something different from the Rock. A classy and quite good attempt to do a disco-pop oriented entry. A particular love song with a particular atmosphere. Not an "easy" entry, maybe you have to listen to it many times before liking it, but this is not a problem. Serhat has a very distinctive voice and the lyrics are written with a great pathos. Different but overall nice. 




Now I have always liked the RALPH SIEGEL songs for San Marino and was wondering what they will do with someone else composing. I listened to the song and it reminded me of Telly Savalas but seeing now the comments of people, they say Leonard Cohen. I do not like talking this way but better than rap. I can’t see this making the finals unless tons of Turkish people phone in other countries.




No. Tuneless drivel that just makes me want to cringe.









Andrew C

I was hopeful at the start... A hope that soon evaporated. So repetitive it seems to last much much longer than 3 minutes and what is the new found vogue for singing in French this year?



Andrew G

strange and interesting but i feel a bit guilty of liking it slightly, I'm not saying it's my top 10, but it's not that bad, doubt it will qualify. Scored 3.

UPDATE - Disco version is much better! hope it dose well, it's certainly different from all of the rest




There's nothing to say...




An absolute TRAVESTY. This song has no redeeming factors whatsoever. Serhat has a horrible voice, the song has no tune, the video is a complete embarrassment. San Marino have really surpassed themselves this year. If this gets any points in the semi final I will be gobsmacked.



David B

We've all had those 'guilty pleasure' songs - entries that are so bad that they are good (for me Portugal 2006, Serbia 2013). The San Marino entry will not join that group. A song so awful in so many ways. Toe-curling lyrics, a badly spoken performance and a syrupy instrumental. Bravo for San Marino for attempting to score zero under the new voting system. Quite possibly the worst Eurovision entry, ever. Scored 0.5.

UPDATE - The original version of this was, let's be honest now, truly awful. However, full marks for Serhat for managing to make this even worse! The awful, plodding performance is now set against a nasty 'disco' backing track, the kind of which hasn't been popular since . . . well, never. This is possibly the worst Eurovision entry of all time and if rules allowed, I would gladly award it zero. However, I can't!



David E

OMG!!! I didn’t know… that we were going to be subjected to one of the most tuneless entries, coupled with the most ridiculous videos EVER! This is abysmal. Scored 0.5.

UPDATE - I detested the original version and the “disco” (seriously? Disco…in 2016?) version is only the most miniscule tad better than it’s big brother. Maybe you can’t improve it, but apparently you can certainly dip it in glitter and hope for the best…




Good grief. The video is pretty cheesy, and the song doesn't go anywhere. People will just switch off during this, I'm afraid. Not a qualifier.




I don't get it. This is the 2016 contest, isn't it? I like the instrumentation but the songs lacks across the board. I got bored. Come back Valentina - all is forgiven!




Oh dear, bring back Valentina. Why send what feels like a talking-track to a singing contest? This doesn’t showcase his voice very much at all and I really can’t see people rushing to their phones to vote. I’m reminded of Telly Savalas’ hit in the 70s. Disappointing. Scored 3.

UPDATE - The disco version takes me back to the 70s even more, which is no bad thing. A better chance of a higher placing I’d say. The song had already got into my head and I don’t want to underestimate it. Good Luck!




How is one supposed to rate this? It's infinitely horrid. It's creepy.



Mark M

Oh my - one of the worst Eurovision entries ever.  It's so bad it must be a joke?  Seriously don't know why San Marino bother.  His voice is appalling, the lyrics are crap and the song doesn't even attempt to have a melody.  The most certain of non-qualifiers.




The bald man with the detachable monocle didn't this entry will 'crash and burn' worse than 'Chain Of Lights' did in Vienna !  Serhat delivers this as an almost monotone speech, repeating the song title over a slow dirge of a melody.  There will be stunned silence in Stockholm ... Scored 2.

UPDATE - The Turkish 'Leonard Cohen' meets Studio 54!  What would have been a somewhat creepy monotone delivery of an set of 'obsessive' lyrics is now tempered by female backing and the light and breezy disco beat that makes this somehow work.  'I Didn't Know' isn't great but at least it's now bearable.




This song I actually do like as it has a similar 'mood' to The Hump's song.  The melody is very 'melty' and dreamy.  Serhat does sing with feeling; it's just unfortunate that it's a rather annoying tone.  But I do like a dramatic ending! Scored 5.

UPDATE - This 'disco' version has killed off any of the quirky/endearing elements that the original version had.  His voice suits a ballad better and this is awful.




That there is nothing San Marinese about this, not even the singer is a little disappointing. That the singer is Turkish and it's written in collaboration with a Greek might be construed as either cynical or a shrewd move to cash in on votes. But that despite all that this is a dire, dreary snorefest  is completely unforgivable. It may have had at least a little more charm in Italian. I fear SMTV may get raked across the coals for some very poor choices here. Scored 2.

UPDATE - It's now discotastic! If Gloria Gaynor or Barry White were singing it, this would be awesome, but alas it has merely been elevated from the terrible to entertaining nonsense. It's at least fun now.




If the cast of 'Ello 'Ello wrote and performed an ESC song, this would be it.  Turkey 's answer to Leonard Cohen aims to turn around San Marino 's appalling track record, and I'm afraid this musical equivalent of film noir - although not unlistenable - isn't the one to do it. Scored 4.

UPDATE - Still as cheesy as the Cheddar factory, but who can resist those '70s disco hand-claps and the fact that it is happy to parody itself in such a fun way.  This year's ESC was desperately short on naff, so San Marino saves the day! 




I am one of the few people I know who loved this song instantly. I was always going to give it a 9, and the disco version hasn't added or taken away any points as far as I'm concerned. If anything, the disco version is slightly cheesier than the original. But this is a great song - not such a great singer, but this is supposedly a song contest not a singing contest and the song is fab.