Yesh Bi Odd Koach

(Idan Reichel)


Yesh bi odd koach achshav

Kshe halachta, chiyech li yare'ach

Natan ett oro bachalom

Vehalaila kvar lo mefachedet

Levad lihyot velachlom

Hiné shuv...


Ze atta shenoge'aa

Atta shebore'ach

Teda, ein li rega

Afilu daka lechakot

Vehashemesh hayom

Me'ira li latzet

El hayam hagadol


Yesh bi odd koach achshav

Rak tani'ach

Hakol kvar nechtam venisgar

Vehalev mitrapé

Vehageshem nifsak

Az chozer shuv hare'ach

Ha'aviv shuv magiaa



Ze atta shenoge'aa...


Ze atta shenoge'aa...




I still have strength now

When you left, the moon smiled at me

Gave his light in a dream

And tonight I'm not afraid anymore

To be alone and dream

Once again…


It's you who touches

It's you who runs away

Know, that I don't have a moment

Even a minute to wait

And the sun today

Shines for me to go out

To the open sea


I still have strength now

Just let go

Everything is sealed and closed

And the heart heals

And the rain stopped

Then the scent returns

Spring comes back

And again…



It's you who touches…


It's you who touches…


28 year old Idan Reichel is the leader and founder of "Idan Reichel’s Project”.  The project was released two and a half years ago. It was Idan’s 1st ever-solo album, and it was supposed to introduce him, gradually, over time, to the ever-so-small niche of world-music fans on the Israeli music scene. The album was a first of its kind. It presented an anonymous composer/producer who borrowed elements from various genres and mixed them together in a unique fashion, only to come up with a musical dish that stood entirely on its own.


Original samples played by Ethiopian folk musicians served as building blocks to most tracks on the soulful debut. Those raw and moving bursts of musical energy, set against modern grooves and drum loops, took flight and began an ambient-like journey that infused old & new, rural & urban, traditional & modern.


Immediately upon its release (December 2002) “Idan Raichel’s Project” debut album shot straight to #1 on the Israeli album sales chart and went on to sell more than 120,000 copies (multiple platinum) in Israel alone.

Four radio singles lifted from the album dominated all play-lists and charts around the country for most of the following year. Numerous awards and accolades followed, most important of which were “Artist of the year” (viewers’ choice – nation wide TV Broadcast), “album of the year” and “song of the year” (“If you go”) (all national Radio channels).


Idan and his group, made up of people from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds, have already toured the USA & Canada extensively.


Idan's second album, "From the depths", was released in January 2005 and has already achieved platinum status. Our entry comes from this album, and "Yesh bi odd koa'ch" already achieved major chart success, spending 8 weeks at no. 1!!


Israel Isräel




Johnny & Anna 2 

The band Johnny deLuxe had existed for some time when they were invited to take part in the radio-based program “Kariere-Kanonen”. The idea of this concept is to help upcoming bands with producing CDs and getting a contract. Their first release was the disco-inspired single “Elskovspony”. This track was not without a touch of humour and the beat made the song a hit on the dance floors as well as on the radio. The single was followed up by a much-acclaimed album including the hits “Drømmer jeg”. The Swedish singer Anna Nordell joined the group on the soft-rock disco-duet “Drømmer jeg” – the story  about two lovers being kept apart by the water (Øresund) between Denmark and Sweden.



Drømmer jeg?


Jeg står og kigger ud på Øresund

Drømmer om dine øjne og din mund

Du er et sted derovre lige nu

Jeg ville svømme hvis jeg ku


For jeg savner dine svenske pus, men du er uden for min radius


For jeg kan aldrig glemme dig – Åh nej Åh nej

Når jeg er vågen drømmer jeg – om dig om dig

Drømmer du om mig?


For jag kan aldrig glömme dig - åh nej åh nej

När jag är vaken drömmer jag - om dig om dig

Drömmer du om mig?


Jag tar en tur längst stranden med min hund

Tittar ut över mörka Öresund

Det känns så konstigt att va’ ensam här

Jag undrar vad du gör och är


Jag saknar dine ord, jag knappt förstår, men som faktiskt säger allt ändå


For jag kan aldrig...


Du er min Rachel - jeg er din Ross –

hvorfor hvo hvo for (Varför va varför) Är det vatten mellan oss

Jeg vil ha dig i min favn

hvorfor hvo hvo for (Varför va varför) Är det hundratusen mil till Köpenhamn?


Drømmer jeg? Drømmer jeg?

Drømmer jeg? Drømmer jeg? Om dig


For jeg kan aldrig glemme dig - åh nej åh nej

Når jeg er nøgen tænker jeg - på dig på dig

Tænder du på mig?


For jag kan aldrig glömme dig - åh nej åh nej

När jag är naken tänker jag på dig, på dig

Tänder du på mig?


For jag kan aldrig...

Am I dreaming?


Here I am – watching Øresund

Dreaming of your eyes and your mouth

Right now you are somewhere over there

I would swim if I could


‘Cause I miss your Swedish hugs,

but your are out of my reach


I can never forget you – oh no oh no

When I am awake I dream - of you  of you

Do you dream of me?


I can never forget you – oh no oh no

When I am awake I dream - of you  of you

Do you dream of me?


I walk the dog along the beach

Staring at the dark Öresund

It feels so strange - being here alone

I wonder what you do, and what you are


I miss your words - those I barely understand even though they say it all


I can never forget you – oh no oh no……….


You are my Rachel – I am your Roos

Why oh why is the water keeping us apart

I want to be in your arms

why oh why are there

hundred thousand miles to Copenhagen


Do I dream? Do I dream?

Do I dream? Do I dream? Of you


I can never forget you – oh no oh no

When I am naked I dream of you -  of you

Do I turn you on?


I can never forget you – oh no oh no

When I am naked I dream of you -  of you

Do I turn you on?


I can never…



Denmark  Danemark




Thanks to her dancing abilities and skills, this 19 year-old aged girl was discovered in one of Luxembourg's trendiest nightclubs. After applying for the national pop-stars academy, she was invited to join the pop-stars made up band ODC (OGAE Luxembourg entry in 2003), in which she would become the baby-face. Being a complete pessimist and despite all her qualities, she would never have thought of succeeding in that branch. After the band's split up, she has concentrated on a solo career and since then she has released a few songs.

Ech verlaangeren


Florry wann ech stark un dech denken,

get et mir hondrem d’Häerz sou warm.

Alles géif ech drem gin, verschenken,

wär ech just e Moment an déngem Arm.


O waat géif ech dech léif drécken,

a wäer nees richteg frou,

méng Gedanken well ech der schécken,

bass d’dobaussen iergendwou? Mee wou?


Ech verlangeren hei an der Keelt,

keen aneren deen mir esou feelt.

Néirens ass et schéin an der Däischtert

do fills du dech esou kleng.

Bass du och emol traureg dann kräisch net 

an déngem Häerz bass du niemols eleng.


O waat géif ech dech léif drécken,

a wäer nees richteg frou

méng Gedanken well ech der schécken

bass d’dobaussen Iergendwou? Mee wou?


Ech verlangeren hei an der Keelt

keen aneren deen mir esou feelt,

ech well op dech warden ech wéilt du wäers bei mir

egal wous du och bass ech wéilt ech wäer bei dir.


O waat géif ech dech léif drécken,

emmer nees esou kee moment géif ech nach zécken,

waat wäeren mir zwee dach frou… sou frou.


Luxembourg  Luxembourg





Kırmızı Biber


Telaşı mı var acelesi mi var

Kısa bir öpücük çok işime yarar

Allahım bana ne oldu bu defa

Devam ediyor bak oyunlarına

Kuytularımı kokularımı

Unuttun sen o ayıplarını

Zaten ne kadar aklın kaldı

Onu da bana ver sevişmek ne güzel



Bastım mühürü 

E görecek gününü

Arayıp soracak

Tek tek bakacak

Evirip çevirip

Düşecek dilime

Canını yakarım

E hadi gör bakalım

Bal döken diline

Kırmızı biberi

Sürmedim ama

Sürerim bu defa


Ben kimdim ben

Uçup gittim ellerinden

Neydi inkar ettiğin

Bu çılgınlık içinden


Senin yasaklı şeytan yüzünden

Öldürüyor bu hali

Nasıl çıldırttı bilmiyor

Bendeniz was born in 1973 in Switzerland, She was among the first artists leading Turkish pop rised again with the beginning of 90’s. In her young ages, she played in a women football team, but her music career weighted more. Her first album came with the great hit “Ya Sen Ya Hiç” and rocked the music lists immediately . Apart from 1 million sale-record of her very first album, the video clip of the song was elected for MTV’s Europe video clip contest for Turkey ani finished 11th out of 19. She made a duet single named “Biz” with Harun Kolcak ani later on her second album came out with the name “Bendeniz II”. As well as a singer, she also supported her back vocal Volkan as a composer and producer with nearly all of her own songs for his first album. OGAE Song Contest 2005 song for Turkey is “Kırmızı Biber” by Bendeniz, that is one of the hit songs from the artists’ new and 6th album “Aşk Yok mu Aşk” she brought out in the beginning of 2005.


Turkey Turquie






Bez Ciebie nic


Świat szybki jak młody wiatr pędzi co tchu               

I nie ma czasu na miłość już Więc proszę Cię, blisko bą

Kochaj mnie, trwaj przy mnie bo                       

Wokół wzburzone morze         

Tylko Twoja dłoń... stały ląd


Żyj z całych sił

Życie tli się płomieniem co

Wątły i łatwo zagasić go


Więc proszę Cię, blisko bą                 

Kochaj mnie, trwaj przy mnie bo

Wokół wzburzone morze

Tylko Twoja dłoń... stały ląd


Co los chce dać lub zabrać mi   

Dziś oprócz Ciebie, wiem, nie mam nic  (x 2)  


Więc proszę Cię, blisko bą                 

Kochaj mnie, trwaj przy mnie bo

Wokół wzburzone morze         

Tylko Twoja dłoń... stały ląd

Kayah has always been singing since she was born. In 1985 she got her diploma in Mrs. Prof. Anna Narkiewicz’s piano class. She begun by cooperation with reggae bands Rastar and Zgoda.  Then there was Tilt (the song “Mówię Ci, że”). In 1988 she made her scene debut on Festival of Baltic Countries in Karlsham with a song “Córeczko chciałabym, żebyś była chłopcem”, for which she got a festival’s special award. This allowed her to publish her first solo record “Kayah”. However the specific climate in Polish show-business in those days has slowed down her success, that’s why the years 1988 – 1994 are years of increased cooperation with other artists.


In 1995 her first author’s record “Kamień” (“Stone”) was published. The record met high appreciation of critics and the whole branch and quickly became “a golden record”. Year 1996 was the time of deserved triumph for Kayah. Granted with the most prestigious award – “Fryderyk ‘95” for the best Polish female singer and appreciated as “The Personality of the Year 1996” by Telewizja Polska (National Polish Television), she became an unchallenged star.


In 1998 Kayah took part in “Pop” advertising campaign, and got awards for the music composed to this ad on “Crack Film”, “Kreatura” and “Złote Orły” festivals. The same year she also started to run her own TV program “To było grane” (“This used to be played”) on TVN television. Two years after the “Zebra” record, Kayah decided to wore together with Goran Bregović, what effected with their joint album “Kayah i Bregović”. The record, promoted with songs „Śpij kochany śpij" and „Prawy do lewego", has already sold in Poland in over 700.000 copies (7 times “platinum record”), becoming the greatest artistic and commercial success of recent years.


The new Kayah album ”JAKA JA KAYAH” was launched on 12th of May 2000. 4 days were enough to sell 50.000 copies, 10 days to make it the record of the month in 68 radio stations in Poland, 30 days to have radio stations played the first single “Jaka Ja Kayah” 4000 times! 10 concerts from the series “Wielka Majówka Radia Zet” with Kayah was enough to have 500.000 people of audience. Kayah performed on 18th May in Wadowice on the occasion of Pope’s Birthday, when she sang the song “Anioł wiedział”. Later on she performed in Opole, where she was given 4 “SUPERJEDYNKA” awards (the most important award of TVP) in following categories: Best Female Singer, Hit Single, Video and The Record of the Year.


Kayah is still going on to give people her hits, which every time occupies the highest positions of Polish charts. The song “Bez Ciebe nic”, presented with a duet with Krzysztof Kiljański, is among them.


Krzysztof Kiljański was born in 1967. His career started in the middle of 90's, but real success came recently, with his jazz compositions. Co-operation with famous jazz musicians and great experience allowed him get many awards, for example obtained at International Jazz Musicians Meeting in Zamość (2001), Old Jazz Meeting "Złota Tarka" in Iława (2002). He also took part in many concerts and festivals across Europe. In 2002 he started to work with multiinstrumentalist and composer Witold Cisło, and in 2003 they published their demo material. Krzysztof's voice fascinated Kayah, who offered publishing his record by her own record company Kayax Productions. In 2003 Krzysztof Kiljański also took part in Polish preselection for Eurovision Song Contest with very moody song "Stay".


From the premiere of the record "In the room" containing pop, jazz, ballads and blues in beginning of 2005, it managed to sell in more than 35000 copies, which allows it to receive gold status in Poland. The song "Prócz Ciebie nic" performed with Kayah was a big hit in many Polish charts and radios.


Poland Pologne






Over de Top


Als je ´s morgens vroeg ontwaakt

Niet eens ontbijt hebt klaargemaakt

De deur ineens wijd open staat

De hond zichzelf op straat uitlaat

De kachel uit, de douche is koud

Je op de mat de post aanschouwt

De blauwe brieven openvouwt

Je krijgt het dan opeens benauwd



Ja dan denk je af en toe

Ik wil weer naar mijn moeder toe

Doe dan wat je hart je ingeeft

Maar als je dat dan doet

Leef om te leven met stralende lach

Het is al zo kort

Dus geniet maar van elke dag

En het geluk komt toch altijd

Zet alledaagse zorgen opzij

Het leven is mooi

Mooi voor jou maar ook voor mij

En maak je dromen werkelijkheid                                                                                                           


Zit het even niet mee

Loopt het niet zoals het moet

Doe dan wat je hart je ingeeft

Maar als je dat dan doet

Ga over de top (4x)


Kom je uit de kroeg vandaan

En denk laat ik naar huis toe gaan

Word je voor je kop kop gestoten

Heeft je vrouw opeens besloten

De buurman maar eens toe te laten

Want met hem viel wel te praten

Zat in de kroeg toch met een blonde

Wat is dat toch eeuwig zonde




Leef om te leven met stralende lach

Het is al zo kort

Dus geniet maar van elke dag

En het geluk komt toch altijd

Gordon, René Froger and Gerard Joling or all together “De Toppers” started in 2004 when René Froger (a very famous Dutch artist) gave some concerts in the Amsterdam Arena and invited the other guys for singing a hit-medley together with him. The audience went wild and they were asked to put the song on CD. The CD-single became a big hit which lead to the release of a full CD and a DVD. Both the CD and DVD are big hits in the charts at the moment. The CD contains an 8 minutes Eurovisionmedley with songs like: Shagri-la, Dinge-dong, De Mallemolen, Amsterdam, Vrede, De Troubadour and also Volare and Waterloo are included in other medleys.


Gerard Joling

Eurovisionfans know Gerard from his 1988 Eurovision-entry “Shangri-la” which reached 9th place in the final. Gerad was already a famous star in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Taiwan, Korea and The Philippines. In the last 3 countries he was a huge star comparable to Madonna and Michael Jackson. His fame started in the famous “Soundmixshow” where he sang the song “Crying” originally by Do McLean, he reached 3d place in the big final. He has had many Top 40 hits and 2 no 1 hits being “Love is in your eyes” and “No more bolero’s”.



Gordon’s TV-debut was in 1990 when he reached 9th place in the “Nationaal Songfestival” (Dutch preselection for ESC) with his song “Gini”. He has made a good impression on the public and was allowed to release his song “Kon ik maar even bij je zijn” (If I could only be with you) in 1991, it was no 1 for 9 weeks in the charts. His 1st album contains the song “Ik hou van jou” (ESC 1984) and gives him the very prestigious award “De Zilveren Harp” He started a career on radio in 2002 with Radio 538 which lead to a very good paid job with Radio Noordzee FM in 2004, which is still on air. He also started a hilarious TV-show in 2003 which is called “Gordon’s late night show”.


René Froger

He started his career in 1990 with his first theatre show in the “Carré” his reaction to this show was “It was the best moment in my life so far” He became an established singer with about 50 songs (all in English) reaching the Top 40 and the release of a total of 17 full CD’s. He has had many big hits, but his only no 1 hit was a Dutch song called “Alles kan een mens gelukkig maken” which was also a big hit in the 1989 OGAE Songcontest. He gave many sold-out concerts in big stadiums like “The Arena” in Amsterdam, “Ahoy” in Rotterdam and in Antwerp Belgium (16.000 seats).


Netherlands Pays Bas





Kauge kuu


Varjamas on ilma

Su hämardunud rüü

Neetud hinge silmad

Need ei näe

Jäätnud ihu pinnal

Seal kumab elu veel

Kuni loojub päev

Varjudes valgust näen



Valu vaiki vaid valu vaid

Kuni külmub vaim kuni vaim

Sinust hääbub soe sinust hääbub

Suitsu hinge ma poen suitsu hinge

Sa võid karjuda sa võid

Vihast vaikida ma tean

Sinu raev ei loe raev ei loe

Sest ma tean


Kuskil sees hinge peal palun vaiki vaid

sinu sees kui külmub vaim

Sõnab kauge kuu sõnab kauge kuu


Mulle võiksid anda

Vaevast kasvõi pool

Suudaksime seda kanda

Seda koos

Alamaks teen enda

Ka allmaailma ees

Kui sedasi vaid jõuan sinuni


Refrain (x3)


Kuskil sees hinge peal särab kauge kuu

Sest ma tean

Kuskil sees hinge peal valu vaid

Kumab kauge kuu

Sest ma tean ma tean

Hinges on veel raev ei loe kuskil sees

Särab kauge kuu kauge kuu raev ei loe

kuskil sees

Särab kauge kuu


The four Girls from Vanilla Ninja are the most important Pop-Import of the year 2004 in Germany. No other foreign Band could fire the German fans more than the four very sympathetic musicians from Estonia. Everything started for Lenna, Katrin, Maarja and Piret in their home Estonia. They met each other during their schooldays in Tallinn. The connection was fast a perfect and mixture of friendship and the common passion for music. Apart from the varied and perfect voices the girls had at the beginning, they more and more profit by playing their instruments.


Their first album the girls recorded by their own direction. Without doubt it was a really huge success. In brief time they sold the long player over 300.000 times, and that in a country which has only 1.4 million inhabitants. With that success Vanilla Ninja were real national stars in Estonia. After the breakthrough in the Estonian charts, they had also success in the freezer – especially for the four musicians they created an ice sort, which is sold with the name of the band.


But the Ninjas wanted more, striking for gold positions in Germany. Their first single there - the rock song „Tough Enough“ – was the foundation stone for their success outside Estonia. With this song they had a lot of appearances in TV- and radio shows. It took not long time and everybody has known “Vanilla Ninja”. Their fans couldn’t wait for their second single “Don’t go too fast”. Also with the third song the Ninjas were loyally with the rock songs and “Liar” was a real banger. In Summer 2004 the girls released their first album in Germany (“Traces of Sadness”) which included both rock and soft ballade songs. That was a marvellous success, and not only in Germany and Estonia, but also in Austria, Switzerland, and Poland.


In late October 2004, the girls were chosen to represent Switzerland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2005 in Kiev. As a result the 8th position with Basel-born producer David Brandes and his song “Cool Vibes”. Switzerland was celebrating!


Estonia Estonie





Ich kann dich heilen

(C. Straub, R. Straub and B. Pichler)


(Ich kann dich … ich kann dich heilen)


Sieh dich an, du machst dich krank, du bringst dich noch um den Verstand

Die Welt ist schlecht, ja ja, ich weiß, und jeder Krieg hat seinen Preis

Du hast verloren, auch dein Gesicht zeigt deine Angst, erfüllt die Pflicht

Doch in dir drin bist du schon tot, erstickt an deiner Wut



Ich seh’ dich an und hauch dir Leben ins Gesicht

Komm, laß dich geh’n, lehn dich zurück und öffne dich

(Komm, laß dich heilen)

Ich kann dein Innerstes total nach außen kehr’n

Ich geb’ dir Liebe für dich selbst, laß dich bekehr’n


Kannst du mich hören, wo du auch bist, aus dem Versteck traust du dich nicht

Dem Wahnsinn nah gräbst du dich ein, nur Zauberei kann dich noch heilen

Ist deine Welt komplett verkehrt, zählt nur das Geld? Bedauernswert!

Dein hehres Ziel ist zu befrei’n, wem’s nicht gefällt, den sperrst du ein




Mach dich bereit, mit uns zu schweben, mach dich bereit

Bist du so weit, nun abzuheben?

Liebe kann Flügel verleih’n, kann alleine befrei’n

Ich kann dich heilen




A-mou-ri-na Mae Ba-ca-da om so la fe-li-ci-ja

In autumn 2004 the Austrian radio station “Ö3” organized a young talent competition for new bands, three of them took the regional music market by storm. Beside the boygroups “Shiver” und “Smitten” also three young female artists succeeded: “Aschenputtel“ (German “Cinderella”). Aschenputtel are Amourina, Bacada and Mae. They don’t talk about further details, but it is known that they are music making friends for a longer period, and that they are successful songwriters for other artists. “Ich kann dich heilen” (I can cure you) is their first single and reached the Austrian TOP 10 in May 2005.




Austria Autriche





La lettre

Ecris-moi une lettre de rupture

En m’expliquant toutes les raisons

Qui t’ont fait t’évanouir dans la nature

Qui me font mélanger toutes les saisons

Choisis bien tes mots, choisis les justes

Comme un artisan prend

Son temps quand il ajuste


Ecris-moi une lettre de rupture

Envoie-moi seulement le brouillon

Promis, je ne vais rien chercher dans tes ratures

Ecris-moi une lettre au crayon

Ecris-moi comme on écrit la musique

Sacrifie-moi au Dieu

Des amours amnésiques


Même si partir quand l’autre reste

Ca fait du mal aux sentiments

Ca peut quand même faire un beau geste

Sauf si bien sûr l’un des deux ment


Ecris-moi une lettre de rupture

Comme on se laissait des mots à la maison

Je ne noterai pas les fautes d’écriture

Je ne verrai pas les fautes de liaisons

Et j’irais bien la chercher moi-même

Si je n’étais pas si sûre,

pas si sûre que je t’aime


Même si partir quand l’autre reste

Ca fait du mal aux sentiments

Ca peut quand même faire un beau geste

Sauf si bien sûr l’un des deux ment


Pour nous toujours, pour nous peut-être

Comme laisser mes illusions

Quand tu me l'écrieras cette lettre

Ne signes pas ou d'un faux nom


Même si partir quand l’autre reste

Ca fait du mal aux sentiments

Ca peut quand même faire un beau geste

Sauf si bien sûr l’un des deux ment


Ecris-moi une lettre de rupture

En m’expliquant toutes les raisons

Qui t’ont fait t’évanouir …



Lara was born in 1970 in Etterbeek. Her father is Flemish and her mother Sicilian.


At the age of 14, Lara Fabian was unknowingly setting the stage for an impressive international career by singing in Brussels clubs. A few years later, after winning many European contests and participating at the Eurovision Song Contest of 1988 for Luxemburg, she launched her first single, followed by her first self-titled album. Three years after the release of the first album, which went gold and platinum, she released her second album, Carpe Diem, which launched the career of this singer-songwriter in French-speaking countries. Within three weeks, the album went gold.


In 1996 Walt Disney Studios immortalised Lara's voice. In the animated feature The hunchback of Notre Dame she incarnated the voice of Esmeralda. In October 96 her third album Pure went platinum in less than two weeks! She even sold more than two million copies in France, which is quite scarce. Three years later, in 1999, Lara recorded her first album in English. She wrote or co-wrote most of the songs. This album was a success in many European countries and even in the USA where she sang her smash hit I will love again at the 2001 Miss USA Beauty Pageant.


It was also in 1999 that Lara decided to take a double nationality (Belgian-Canadian). Lara said that she knows she has Belgian roots and will keep these for her family but it was Canada which gave her the opportunity to sing. So she has chosen for a double nationality.


In 2001 a next album “Nue” was born and many hits were following. Lara is a big star in french spoken countries.

In 2005 her last album “9” was released. The song “La lettre” is the first chosen song of her album and became a big hit in all french spoken countries even in Canada.


Now in 2005 Lara is chosen for the third time in four years as the Belgian entry for the OGAE Contest. In 2002 she ended 4th and in 2003 15th.




Belgium Belgique




The Team of OGAE-Russia

the host-club of the 20th OGAE Song Contest


They were hosting the Contest…


Vlad Yakovlev

Anastasia Lutsenko


Janna Denisova


intro voice

DJ Cavin Tender


sound producer


Anton Kudrevich




Olga Kourkina


style &  co-designer

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The Team of OGAE-Russia