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SECOND CHANCE RETRO ENTRIES EXPECTED FROM:  Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdom and ex-Yugoslavia (via Serbia, Macedonia and Croatia).

GUEST JURY HIT ENTRIES EXPECTED FROM: Albania, France, Italy, Lebanon, Malta, Poland, Romania, Russia, Spain, and OGAE Rest of the World!

REGISTERED FOR VOTING ONLY:  Luxembourg , Andorra, Cyprus

SECOND CHANCE RETRO 1982 (DRAW ORDER, thanks to Stefan in Germany, winners for 1983)

01 UNITED KINGDOM Every Day Of My Life -

Good Looks

= 2nd in National Final




7th in National Final
03 IRELAND Is There Anyone Out There? -

Jody McStravick

2nd in National Final PHOTO TO FOLLOW
04 SWEDEN Hallå Hela Pressen Hello to All The Press


4th in National Final
05 AUSTRIA Rock 'n' Roll Revival - Mainstreet 2nd in National Final
06 NORWAY Lady Di -

Inger Lise Rypdal

2nd in National Final
07 NETHERLANDS Fantasie Eiland Fantasy Island The Millionaires 2nd in National Final

Hipp Hurra - Det Min Fødselsdag

Hip Hurray - It's My Birthday

Tommy Seebach

2nd in National Final
09 BELGIUM Par Amour For Love Tiziano 3rd in National Final NO PHOTO
10 GREECE Sarantapente Kopelies Forty Five Girls Themis Adamantides Selected for ESC, then Greece withdrew
11 GERMANY Peter Pan -


2nd in National Final
12 FINLAND Mitt Äppelträd My Apple Tree

Ami Aspelund

2nd in National Final

Musica Nisheret

Music Remains

Yardena Arazi

2nd in National Final
14 TURKEY Gramofon Gramophone


2nd in National Final
15 PORTUGAL Trocas Baldrocas Crazy Changes

Cândida Branca Flor

2nd in National Final

GUEST JURY HITS 1982 (DRAW ORDER, thanks to Riccardo in Italy, winners for 1983)

Sadly, the entry from Cyprus was withdrawn, Anna Vissi's song is from 1980.

01 ROMANIA Wedding -


02 POLAND Karmazynowa Noc The Crimson Night Iza Trojanowska
03 MALTA Wied Rummiena Pomegranate Valley Mary-Rose Mallia
04 ITALY Storie Di Tutti I Giorni Everyday Stories Riccardo Fogli
05 REST OF THE WORLD 'N Duisend Liggies A Thousand Lights Reuben Lennox
06 FRANCE Africa - Rose Laurens
07 LEBANON Awlak? You Think So? Ronza
08 RUSSIA Pozvoni mne Call Me Irina Muravjova
09 ALBANIA Vajze Moj, Lule Moj You Girl, You Flower Tonin Tershana

No Controles

Do Not Control Olé Olé



Formal Invitation to all Clubs - 18 Feb 2007 (Complete)

Participation Confirmation Deadline- 18 March 2007 (Complete)
Song File, Artist Picture to be sent by 12 May 2007 - (Complete)
Order of Presentation Draw - 31 May 2007 (Complete)
Contest CD Issue to Club Address from 26 June 2007
National Voting Period to 31 August 2007
On-Line Voting Reveal Starts 15 September 2007 (1 week)


OGAE Clubs where the Country held a National Final for the Retro year in question can choose their favourite (non-winning) song from their ESC Selection of that year for SECOND CHANCE RETRO.

All other OGAE Clubs can participate as Guest Juries for Second Chance Retro and also enter a Hit Song from the year in question in GUEST JURY HITS.

A Guest Jury can still be a Guest Jury voting on both Contests without an entry in either Contest.

(Ex) Yugoslavia's Jury will be made up of Club members from one or more of OGAE Bosnia-Herzegovina, OGAE Slovenia, OGAE Serbia, OGAE Montenegro, OGAE Croatia and OGAE Macedonia. If Yugoslavia did not participate in Eurovision in the year in question, all former ex-YU Clubs can participate individually in GJH for that year.

Sechuk will be the web resource for both Second Chance Retro and Guest Jury Hits.

Both SECOND CHANCE RETRO and GUEST JURY HITS are voted on by the same juries, from the same CD - and voting is revealed on both contests via this site.

Dates will be issued for the whole programme (from 1982 this may be brought forward 1 month), to cover : Formal Invitation to all Clubs / Participation Confirmation, Song File, Artist Picture Deadline / Order of Presentation Draw / Contest CD Issue to Club Address Date / National Voting Period / On-Line Voting Deadline / On-Line Reveal of Voting Period.

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