This is a free and friendly open competition between OGAE Clubs, celebrating Eurovision (national final) and other hit songs of 1974  

You may be wondering - who the cuddly characters in the logo are... 

They are called "The Wombles" and were childhood TV characters in the 70s and also the interval act at Eurovision 74.

You can also check the songs of Eurovision 1974 in the second clip





Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Finland, France, Germany, 

Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, 

Romania, ROW, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, the United Kingdom, 

plus a Showcase Song from the National Final Of the former Yugoslavia





- Formal Invitation to all Clubs   21/03/15 COMPLETE 

- Participation Confirmation Deadline   30/06/15 - COMPLETE

- Song File, Artist Picture to be with SECHUK by 30/06/15  - COMPLETE

- Order of Presentation Draw -  07/07/15 - COMPLETE

- Songs available for voting from - 15/07/15 - COMPLETE (early on 08/07/15)

- National Voting Period to 31 August 2015 (may be extended to suit OGAE meetings) 

- On-Line Voting Reveal Starts 06 September 2015 (5 to 7 days)..  


1. There are no direct costs for participation - totally FREE !

2. OGAE Clubs (where the Country held a National ESC Final for the Retro year in question) can choose their favourite (non-winning) song from their ESC Selection of that year for SECOND CHANCE RETRO.

3. All other OGAE Clubs can participate as Guest Juries for Second Chance Retro and also enter a Hit Song from the same year in GUEST JURY HITS

4. Juries vote on both contests. A Guest Jury can still be a Guest Jury voting on both Contests without an entry in either Contest.

5. SECHUK will be the web resource for both Second Chance Retro and Guest Jury Hits.

6. Both SECOND CHANCE RETRO and GUEST JURY HITS are voted on by the same juries, from the same sound tracks (via free download links) and voting is revealed on both contests via this site. All Jury members must vote on both contests to keep the voting fair and even.

7. In some cases, OGAE Clubs decide not to participate, but with the agreement of (or ignored requests to) that club, a fan in that country can arrange that country's participation instead (an active rule - added to the site 28/07/11 ) - this is purely to maximise participation. 

8. Dates are issued (above) for the whole programme. Participating Clubs agree to abide by the deadlines, or face possible disqualification. 

9. All clubs must position all songs in their voting. If any country does not submit votes by the agreed deadline, their song could be disqualified and all voting towards that song discounted.