O G A E   S E C O N D   C H A N C E   C O N T E S T   2 0 0 9

L A T E S T   N E W S


RESULTS DELAYED - A note from OGAE Sweden (08 Dec 09)


After some technical problems with SCC,  we have had some sickness issues as well. The intention is that we can send you the result before the year is over. I hope you all can wait a few more weeks. We are so sorry for this. Andreas Nilsson, head of competitions, will contact all the spokespersons for SCC when we have everything done.

Take care all of you...

Jens Johansson
OGAE Sweden

1. Draw (19 June 09)

2. United Kingdom Jury Voting Page (select)

3. 'Torrent' download of the songs from OGAE Sweden (select)

4. Guest Juries (7)

Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Turkey and the United Kingdom

5. Entries (20) - Draw Order

01 Andorra

Passio Obsessiva

(Obsessive Passion)

Mar Capdevila
02 Moldova

A Flight To The Light Alexa
03 Estonia

Destiny Laura
04 Spain

Nada Es Comparable A Ti

(Nothing Is Comparable To You)

05 Norway

Find My Girl

Alexander Sternerud
06 Poland

I'm Not Sure

07 Finland

Surrender Passionworks
08 Greece

Right On Time Sakis Rouvas
09 Slovenia

I Still Carry On Omar Naber
10 Croatia

Daj Mi Jedan Razlog

(Give me one reason)

Ivo Gamulin Gianni

11 Lithuania


Ruta Sciogolevaite
12 Ireland

Out Of Control

Laura Jane Hunter

13 Netherlands

Angel Of The Night De Toppers


Blisku Do Mene

(Close to me)

Vlatko Lozanoski

15 Serbia

Bili Smo Najlepsi

(We were the most beautiful)

Ana Nikolic
16 ROW/Slovakia

Posledná Minúta

(Last Minute)

Desmod & Lucia Nováková
17 Israel

Will You Dance With Me

Noa & Mira Awad
18 Denmark

Someday Hera Björk
19 Sweden

Stay The Night

20 Portugal

O Teu Lugar (Pela Vida Adentro)

(Your Place)

Filipa Baptista


Withdrawn (Luxembourg also withdrew as a guest Jury 020909)

MT Malta

Avalon Georgina & Ruth Casingena

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